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How to Build a Successful Comms Strategy in FinTech

You know you need company visibility to drive leads, but what’s the best channel for that? As a head of marketing, you’re probably considering a wide range of channels from digital to social to content, but of course, you’re also asking, what can you expect for that ROI?

When it comes to measuring the ROI of PR and thought leadership, consider the following 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders (Demand Gen Report) and 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement (Content Marketing Institute). Content such as articles and blogs has been found to be one of the most effective ways of moving prospects through the B2B sales funnel [49%] (Chief Marketer).

In the absence of hard company news (e.g. new customers, new C-Suite hires, new funding, product updates), the most important thing you can do to maintain visibility is thought-leadership, including the following:

Bylines and contributed content

Many fintech outlets are looking for contributors to expound upon macro trends that will draw an audience. You can leverage such outlets (mostly at no cost) to amplify your POV on current market discussions– such as how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in financial services, and what’s ahead for the SPAC frenzy (to name a few).

While thought pieces are expected to be completely non self-promotional (i.e. not mention your company or solutions), positioning you as a leading expert brings a halo effect to your company and your offering. Your PR team can help you identify topics and trends and help shape the pieces as well as place them with relevant publications.


Don’t overlook podcast opportunities, especially if you have the gift of gab. For example, fintech podcasts like BankOnIt, Fintechnewscast, Paypod, and more can be a great way to amplify your voice and they usually let you blend a  promotion of your company with a deeper conversation on macros trends.

Expert commentary

You don’t have to be the main focus of a news article to consider it a win. Reporters across business publications like FT, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC as well industry trades write about trends more than they write about individual companies.

Securing a company profile is still possible, but it would be a miss not to offer yourself as an “expert commentator” in trend pieces. Having your perspective on the latest business trends is valuable in the eyes of potential clients and partners.

Industry analyst briefings

Analysts who cover specific industries are often “go-to” sources for reporters for a variety of topics from industry trends to the overall competitive landscape. Take the time to get to know these analysts and brief them not only on your company, but your view of the industry overall. These meetings may not pay immediate dividends but when it’s industry report time, you want them to know who you are.

Speaking opportunities

More and more these days, speaking on a panel or as a keynote requires a sponsorship (even at virtual events) unless you’re a well-known brand. Some non-paid opportunities do exist, so be sure to keep track of calls for speakers and develop well-targeted pitches that fit in with the conference theme.  Your PR partner can do this for you, identifying opportunities and staying on top of deadlines.

Your PR efforts will also focus on getting coverage for your company news — but in between news announcements thought-leadership is a great way to go and really a must-have communications strategy.

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