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5 Ways To Know It’s Time To Bring In a PR Firm


Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have friends pass you a reporter inquiry now and then, or someone on your team likes to write and occasionally blogs. Trust us, that’s not going to move the needle when it comes to optimizing PR and content as a marketing channel. How do you know if now is the time for your company to bring in a PR firm?

You have a point of view on the market. When you’re confident in your vision for where the market is going, it’s a good time for you to get out there. This comes at different stages for every company, but it’s always the number one criteria to launching a successful comms strategy.

Your competitors are talking about the space. You know that article someone forwards you when you think to yourself ‘why wasn’t I in there?’ Likely your competitors have been at it for a while. Building press momentum doesn’t happen over night. It takes a solid plan and continuous effort.

You have a launch or fundraising announcement on the horizon. Prepare in advance for that moment when you’ll have concrete news and a great headline. The earlier you start, the better your chances of achieving the results you want.

Reporters are contacting you. If you’re already receiving inbound interest, you’ll need a plan before you start down a messaging road that you’d need to double back on.

You need a strategist at the table to maximize your ROI.  Whether or not you’ve hired a CMO, if you’re spending any time or resources against communications (content development, speaking, etc) make sure you have access to expert advice!

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Why Content Is Key For PR

One of the biggest shifts I’ve seen since starting SCG six years ago is the growth in content as a PR channel. Content used to refer to onsite blog posts written by brands that often included a lot of direct product promotion. 

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