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How Tech Leaders Stack Up When it Comes To Executive Comms

The reputation of your organization is essential to building brand loyalty, boosting engagement and fostering overall business success. And your organization’s C-suite leaders should be intricately involved in building a positive reputation. In fact, a survey conducted by PR firm Weber Shandwick found that global executives attribute an average of 58% of their firms’ overall reputation to the leader who runs the organization.

Today’s executives have the benefit of a multitude of channels and platforms to raise their visibility. Whether it’s a CEO or another C-level leader, maintaining a strong, visible public profile is not negotiable. This applies to companies of all sizes and stages of growth– you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 CEO to benefit from strategic executive visibility.

We know that the right approach to executive communications can successfully position executives as thought leaders, influencers and trendsetters that will ultimately differentiate your company from the competition. Here are some insights on how we do this:

Landscape analysis: It’s important to audit the existing landscape to identify potential opportunities and challenges, relevant trends and news discussions, and issues that matter most to your stakeholders. Focus on ways executives can fill in any gaps and meet unmet needs in their market or industry.

Build authentic thought leadership: To position executives as “go-to” and trusted authorities, it’s important to define their point of view and have a clear voice across communications channels. Being a thought leader doesn’t mean hyping a product or brand; it’s sharing perspective and insights that helps the overall industry flourish. The more connected the thought leadership platform to the executive’s passions and company’s purpose, the more easily and authentically it can thrive with personal anecdotes and stories.

Provide fresh content: Executive visibility goes hand in hand with a robust content strategy. A leadership campaign should include a robust bylined content program. Developing a steady cadence of written content– think byline articles, op-eds and blog posts– will help executives offer fresh insights and ways of thinking and address stakeholder questions and concerns. There are a wealth of opportunities for smartly written content, including regular columns in target publications, LinkedIn, Medium pages and more. Collectively, these pieces will help highlight the personality behind the executive and showcase their compelling point of view.

Lean into social media: Social media can further humanize executives and help build engagement with customers and other key partners. As communications campaigns become more integrated, social media is playing a more essential role in building effective executive visibility. LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, are great starting points for executives to strengthen their presence and followership on social media.

Identify conferences and awards: Speaking at relevant events and securing awards are also excellent ways to enhance visibility and credibility. Building presence at conferences provide executives with a natural opportunity for brand ambassadorship and networking. In addition, awards provide coveted third-party recognition and endorsements that can be further amplified across traditional and social media channels and platforms. Many organizations have specific categories for entrepreneurship, innovation and even “executive of the year,” all of which would be big wins for an executive and their company.

Nowadays, business leaders can’t sit on the sidelines; they must plan an active role in building visibility and trust in the marketplace. An executive visibility strategy that encourages leaders to share helpful advice, expertise, insights on trends and key aspects of their personality and passions, can create a real competitive advantage.

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