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Summer News Slowdown? Not This Year

It used to be that the news cycle slowed significantly during the summer months. Clients and decision makers went off the grid and reporters took much-needed vacations. But this is no longer the case. If anything, we think the news will be as busy as ever this summer. 

With COVID restrictions lifting throughout the country, people are anxious to get back to normalcy, both personally and professionally. More businesses are considering returning to the office. Summer travel is picking up. Back to school, one of the busiest and most lucrative news cycles, has already started. Many people have reached their limit on slowing down and want to return to the fast pace of life pre-pandemic. And the media will be there to follow these shifts every step of the way. 

For public relations professionals, managing a dizzying news cycle requires focus and discipline. Luckily, we know how to maximize the 24/7 cycle, regardless of the season. 

Timing Is Everything

It’s important to plan ahead as much as possible and determine the best time to pitch and the best reporters to target. It’s always a good idea to avoid pitching stories on Fridays when reporters may be wrapping up deadlines, especially in the summer when they may be leaving early to catch some rays. Consider too that Mondays often turn into long weekends in the summer, making Tuesday or Wednesday possible better choices for material news announcements.

Make The Most Of Trends

Summer or not, today we’re in a 24/7 news cycle. Building your pitch around trends in the marketplace will help make your story more relevant and enticing for reporters to cover. If you’re a VC fund, you may want to comment on any number of trends including SPACs, NFTs, or cryptocurrency fluctuations, to name a few. If you’re a fintech company maybe you want to comment on the changing lending or payments landscape. Your PR firm should be bringing these ideas to you, getting your POV, and pitching it to the press. Keeping a pulse on what the media is already interested in will help make your news a natural extension of their coverage. 

Don’t Forget About Thought leadership

Even in the absence of hard news, it’s critical for companies to think about their thought leadership strategy and their overarching messaging. Especially with growth stage startups where things move quickly, it’s important to make sure that communications strategies are maintaining relevance to broader market conversations to cut through the regular noise.

Now that the summer news slump is a thing of the past, July and August provide brands with extra time to focus on their public relations strategy and elevate their presence in the media. And if you have to conduct your interviews from the beach, it’s a small price to pay.

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