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The 3 Things That Need to Be In Your Communications Strategy This Year

Narrative. Data. Content. Wait, not one of those things mentions headlines and pitching reporters! Are these really necessary? Yes, and here’s why. More players than ever are competing for the same headspace—especially around startups, tech, and VC. Add to that a 24/7 news cycle and the explosion of new content channels, and you quickly realize it takes a lot to stand out. But it is possible (ask our clients), here’s how: Simplify your story. Company nuances aren’t simple; ideas can be complex; and your founder story probably follows the road less traveled. Taking all that and boiling it down to a narrative that’s understandable, cohesive, and, most important, relevant is the biggest challenge we see right now. If you can’t pitch us quickly, it’s going to be really hard to catch the attention of a busy reporter, never mind a potential customer. Taking the time to invest in getting this right will pay dividends. If you need help, shoot us an email: we are helping our clients finesse and fine tune their messaging strategy. Gather unique data: Once you have the narrative down, you need to be ready to prove you’ve really got the goods. We know you’re the first/best/only company of your kind, but, unfortunately, that’s not going to be enough. A reporter wants to know what’s new? What’s different? What’s a trend you’re exclusively seeing? Showing you can be a helpful resource to a story or on the forefront of new info for your customers will be necessary to get the visibility you need. Focus on quality content: By now you’re probably over the fact that quality content is important in building brand loyalty and engagement. But, did you know that having that audience, even on your own channels, helps to build your credibility as a trusted resource for the media? Reporters want their sources to have a strong point of view and a reputation to back that up. Content—and syndication channels like engaging company newsletters and good social practices (hello, retweets)—highlights your message. But beware: Creating quality content is hard. Not everyone has an In-House Editorial Director and a team of writers like we do. As you’re refining your 2018 plan, let us know if our team of strategists, writers, and media relations specialists can amplify your vision.  

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