Media Worthy But Not Media Ready? Now What?

What if you’re doing all the right things—have all the right work, the clients, the wins, but you’re not ready to share those proof points with the press?  Maybe you’re under confidentiality agreements or doing so would tip your hat on your strategy.

There’s no question that this a challenge, especially when visibility is a priority.


This is precisely when thought leadership is a must. Op-eds, columns, blog posts, and contributing content allow you to tell your brand story with a controlled message. By weighing in on timely news articles and industry topics, you can showcase your company’s point of view and the vision of its company leaders.

Some examples: the cofounder of game maker Krikey examines how AR can foster empathy and how video games can take advantage in this VentureBeat article; and this transportation startup weighs in on the Scooter startup wars for Recode. Both weigh in on a timely topic, share expertise and enable the writers to insert their point of view in a controlled manner.

We all know the executives who are constantly being quoted and profiled. It’s not because their company made more client announcements or over-shared operational data. It’s because they’ve proven to the media that they have an expertise worth listening to.

Our most successful clients are the ones who are constantly honing their point of view and message. Thought leadership takes time, and the time to start is now.