Should You Start a Podcast?


While you might think the market for podcasts is already saturated and impossible to break through, in reality, more people than ever are tuning in and seeking out fresh stories.

This isn’t just for narrative journalism either.

Branded podcasts (or podcasts that companies create on behalf of their brands) are expected to more than double in 2017.  Entrepreneurs in particular are said to be voracious consumers of podcasts as a means of consuming inspiration and new ideas.

How do you know if a podcast is right for you? Here are a few things to know:

Podcasts Provide an Additional Way to Connect With Your Audience:

Podcasts offer an opportunity to share stories that inspire and educate potential customers. Audio conversations allow you to inject your personality and point of view in a way that can be difficult in a 500-word blog post or a few quotes in a story. For startups, the founder’s vision and perspective are key company assets, and a podcast is the chance to highlight these in a different way.

Podcasts Help You Provide Value to Your Network:

Podcasts are a built-in platform for showcasing others in your network—whether it’s customers, employees, mentors, or investors. Inviting guests to be interviewed and highlighting their lessons learned and expertise adds value to your business.

Podcasts Give You Control Over Your Message:

By adding “Podcast Host + Producer” to your bio, you’re taking the reigns on the exact conversations you want to have. You get to decide on themes to discuss and key takeaways to convey. In doing so, you’re also cultivating a following that’s learning about your company through the exact lens you want to share.

Podcasts Can Be Fun!:

Last but certainly not least, podcasts give you the freedom to have some fun with your marketing: test out new topics, new messages, have a customer on the air, or a favorite employee. Showcasing the company personality can be both engaging and memorable. 

(And P.S. If you’re looking for some suggestions, our favorites include: NPR How I Built This, Gotham Gal, Hiding in the Bathroom, Wow in the World, Makers, Girlboss Radio, StartUp, and Revisionist History).