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Lumanu: The ‘World’s Most Innovative Company’ That’s Powering the Creator Economy.


What It Is: Lumanu is a tech platform that helps creators collaborate, make more money and streamline the backend part of the creator ecosystem. Lumanu was built to democratize the entire creator economy so that all creators – from photographers to influencers to editors – have access to the business tools, payment options and professional services that help streamline the creator business.

How They’re Unique:Unlike the many tools that focus on leveraging a creator’s creativity, Lumanu stands out for its focus on the critical business elements for creators, including invoicing and payments, collaboration and IP protection. The Lumanu platform has 30,000+ total creators, processing $3 million+ in creator payments per month and has 200+ brand partners including Fabletics, Cameo, Summersalt, Walmart, Poshmark and Savage x Fenty.

What’s Grabbing Attention: Lumanu’s efforts to make the creator economy more inclusive and accessible has been an angle favorably received by reporters. In addition, Co-Founder Tony Tran’s personal experience as a Vietnamese immigrant, his passion for advocating for those who don’t fit what’s been previously considered the “typical” founder mold and his many lessons learned through his entrepreneurial journey has been viewed as a refreshing founder perspective by the media.

How We’re Helping to Spread the Word: One of the most captivating parts of the Lumanu story is their true passion for powering digital creators with the business tools they need to thrive. With fingers on the pulse of where the creator economy is, and what’s ahead, there’s no shortage of thought leadership to share on this dynamic space. In addition, Tony’s unique founder experience and lessons learned on how to build a company that counts has provided endless fodder for top tier coverage. Finally, and true to the importance of ‘show, don’t tell’ we often leverage the first hand experiences of creators using Lumanu to serve as brand ambassadors for the platform.

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