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Helping This Buy Now Pay Later Company Stand Out In A Crowded Market


What It Is:  Installment payments, also known as buy now pay later (BNPL), is an industry that has seen explosive growth over the past year as shoppers look for ways to break up purchases into smaller chunks. In the crowded space, Splitit stands out as a BNPL provider that enables shoppers to use the credit they’ve earned, managing their cash flow responsibly.

How Are They Different:  Splitit offers unique benefits to both its retail partners and shoppers. Their merchants see higher value orders and less cart abandonment. Rather than offering point-of-sale lending, Splitit lets shoppers use the available credit on their existing credit cards, breaking up purchases into smaller monthly payments without fees, interest or applications. 

What’s Grabbing Attention: Splitit is a global provider that’s expanding its footprint in North America. Under their executive team made up of industry veterans, including CEO Brad Paterson, the company has seen record setting revenue growth, partnerships with Visa, Mastercard and Stripe and an average order value of $1000 – higher than any other in the industry. Their business success combined with their unique approach to the market is truly attention grabbing. 

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